If I keep bending, I will break.


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The Last of Us concept art | Winter


Super Mario 64 - Bob-omb Battlefield crafted from Legos

"Bob-omb Battlefield is the first stage of Super Mario 64 - the flagship game for the N64 game system. This game came out way back when I was just a freshman in college, and I have great memories of endless game nights with friends playing this game. I’ve had the idea of doing a Super Mario layout for a while, but just what to do escaped me. (Lego versions of the original NES games have been done quite often). Upon finding my old N64 in ‘storage’, I was inspired to create this.” [x]

By Matt De Lanoy



11 year old me was pissed at this revelation

A hundred-thousand years will pass and I will never get over the genius of this scene!

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